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Embedded Computers & Non-Embedded Computers

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Embedded Computers & Non-Embedded Computers Empty Embedded Computers & Non-Embedded Computers

Post  Radwa Abdelhalim on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:56 am

*** Embedded Computers:

*It is possible to integrate all the components of computer on a chip (called system_on_a_chip(soc)).

*Chip is then integrated or embedded in any device or system and is usually not visible to the user

*Used for special purposes.

*Assembled as internal parts of machines.

Examples include digital cameras, mobile phones, music players, specialist IT hardware (such as networking hardware), and almost any kind of industrial or domestic control system.

*** Non-Embedded Computer:

*Used for general purpose.

*Stand-alon devices.

*( Personal computers - Labtops - Handheld computer) are signal-user computers as they are built to serve one single user at a time.

*( Servers and Mainframes - Server Farm - Supercomputers ) are multi-user computers as they serve multiple users through multiple input and output devices.

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