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Multiple Intelligences


• Students are one-of-a kind individuals with unique strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, interests, and capabilities.
• Well educated students acquire a background in academics, arts, and in critical and creative thinking.
• By knowing who they are and what they can do, students love of learning, excitement about life, and self-confidence becomes bedrock for lifelong growth and success.
What is intelligences?
Webster defines it as:
1-The power of knowing.
2-The ability to understand and/or deal with new situations.
3- The skilled use of reason.
Gardner's definition of intelligence
•The ability to solve problems that one encounters in real life
• The ability to generate new problems to solve.
• The ability to make something or offer a service that is valued within one's culture.
What is multiple intelligences?
Different types of human intelligence: the several independent forms of human intelligence that exist, according to one psychological theory, including verbal, quantitative, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligence
Howard Gardner (1943)
• He graduated from Boston School of Medicine in Neurology.
• Harvard Graduate School professor and psychologist in cognition and education
• He defines intelligence as: "an ability to solve problems or fashion products that are valued in one or more cultures."
•The question is not "How smart am I?" but rather "How am I smart?"
• It is how we learn, process, and understand information.
• Theory of Multiple Intelligences consists of 8 types of intelligence I will show them gradually.

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