The difference between the data and information

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The difference between the data and information Empty The difference between the data and information

Post  abdo on Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:36 pm

What is the data?

The data is a collection of facts collected from the
Certain statistical community and entered into the computer for processing and output the results
Examples include:

The student's name 'date of birth' entitled 'place of birth of' marks 'the number of his brothers' date of entry school 'employee number' basic salary 'intermittent amount of salary deduction' transport allowance 'housing allowance' employee allowances 'Nationality' Sex
All of the above is the facts as we have said in defining the data very name of the student the fact and date of birth and all of the examples above 'and not the facts united Here, which represents the data, there are temperature' humidity 'sea state' high blood pressure when the patient and the decline and the proportion of sugar in the blood
What is the information?

Information is a result set that we get from the computer after the data as a result of the student final pass or fail, and rank in the first quarter, the second

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The difference between the data and information Empty Needs some clarification

Post  Dr. M EL Zayat on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:28 pm

Dear Mr. Mohamed,
While your participation is valuable, it might need some elaboration to clarify the Idea

Give us a case of raw data and how it could generate information after being processed.

Dr. Mohamed EL Zayat

Dr. M EL Zayat

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