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Using Audio with Centra Events

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Using Audio with Centra Events Empty Using Audio with Centra Events

Post  Radwa Abdelhalim on Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:21 am

Using Audio with Centra Events
When using Centra for online collaboration, you have two choices for audio (this is defined as hearing what
is being said and being able to speak):
1. Voice over Internet (VOIP)
2. Conference Call
When the event is created, the event creator selects what audio method will be used. A Centra event can
use Voice over Internet or Conference Call. The following are some considerations, best practices, and
recommendations when using VOIP and Conference Call in Centra events.
Which One Should I Use?
There is no clear answer; the method of audio used is predominately based on preference. You also may
want to consider the following:
□ Do you want to record the Centra event? If the answer is yes, use VOIP to record the audio.
□ Do users have access to headsets or speakers/microphones on their PCs/laptops? If no, use
Conference Call audio so all users can hear and participate.
□ Are your event leaders familiar with using VOIP to lead a Centra event? If yes, then VOIP is a
terrific cost saving audio method.
□ Will all participants be at a PC while attending the Centra event? Or, will some be traveling without
a computer and Internet access? If some participants are traveling and will be participating via
phone, use a Conference Call.
□ Do you plan to use Breakout Rooms? If yes, use VOIP.
□ What are you encouraging? Most organizations promote the cost savings of using VOIP and want
their users to use VOIP whenever able. Some organizations have a preference for Conference
Call. It’s your choice!

These are some of the questions that will help you determine what audio method you should chose for the
event, but ultimately the choice is yours. VOIP, or Conference Call?
Using VOIP (Voice over Internet)
Using VOIP can save you considerable money by eliminating the use of conference calls for meetings and
online sessions. Centra uses low bandwidth VOIP technology that doesn’t rely on a user having a phone or
phone line to participate in a Centra event. Users with PCs that include built-in speakers and microphone
can immediately take advantage of VOIP. No special equipment or installation is needed to use VOIP.
Some customers, however, make computer headsets available to eliminate ambient noise and to minimize
disturbing others in a shared or open workspace. The cost for headsets is nominal.
This is a picture of a headset that can be used in Centra events.
There are many models with various features. Select one that best suits your personal preferences. For
additional information about headsets, see Configuring your Audio Headset.
Using VOIP (Voice over Internet)
Users may be intimidated by VOIP at first. VOIP is very simple to use. First-time VOIP users are instructed
to “tune” their audio using the Audio Wizard when they enter the Centra event. The Audio Wizard launches
automatically and users select their audio mode. Their choices are:

□ Headset with
□ Speakers with
□ Speakers, but no
Once they select their audio
mode, the Audio Wizard guides
them through tuning their
speakers and adjusting the
volume on their microphones.
Users are encouraged to do this
each time they participate in a
Centra event to ensure they can
hear and speak. This takes less
than a minute and is very important and useful.
After completing the Audio Wizard, users enter the Centra event. Users will hear the audio through their
speakers or headsets and use one of the various options (CTRL key, Lock to Talk, etc.) on the Centra
interface for speaking. The Centra event leader controls speaking order and determines whether multiple
people can speak at the same time (helpful to create a “meeting atmosphere” of free-form conversation).
Your Centra leaders should be familiar with how to use their audio and how to instruct the participants to
Enhancing Your VOIP Experience
When creating a Centra event you will be able to select an audio codec in the Audio section. An audio
codec is an algorithm used to compress and decompress the audio stream. An audio codec is selected by
default; however, if your company has enabled other options in the Domain Settings, you will be able to
select an audio codec from the following choices:
□ Centra SC3 Codec (less than 1KB/second)
□ ILBC Codec (2KB/second)
□ ISAC Codec (3 KB/second)

□ IPCMWB Codec (13 KB/second)
During system setup a default codec will be selected for all Centra events. You also will select what
codecs you want available when creating Centra events. Most Centra users select the 2KB/Second or the
3KB/second as the default. Both produce good audio quality without consuming a lot of bandwidth. The
13KB/second codec is popular for “high quality” events. The audio quality will be similar to “conference
call” audio. We encourage you to experiment with the codecs and determine which codec you want to use
when using VOIP. Bandwidth consumption increases with audio quality so be sure to discuss this with your
IT department

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