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differences between mac and windows  Empty differences between mac and windows

Post  SOMAIA ELMASRY on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:03 am

dear all,,

i ll talk about the differences between windows and macintosh (mac)

Microsoft Windows differences between mac and windows  9k=

It is a software operating system and graphical user interface that was developed by Microsoft(bill gates is chairman). Following its introduction in 1985, it became immensely popular among the personal computer users. Its development had begun on two parallel routes. The development on one route was intended for personal use while the other was for professional use. The versions aimed at personal use featured greater multimedia support and lacked networking capabilities. The professional versions of Windows offered greater networking and security features but lacked multimedia support. windows xp was a huge success and the relatively recent windows vista is nonetheless popular.

Macintosh differences between mac and windows  9k=

Also known as Mac, Macintosh refers to a brand name that covers a series of personal computers developed by Apple Ink Apple produces Mac hardware and has its own operating system that comes packaged with all the Macs. The Mac Operating System can be divided into two families of operating systems. One is the ‘Classic’ Mac OS, which was shipped with Macs until the creation of Mac OS 9. The second family is Mac OS X, which derives its features from Mac OS 9. The operating system that is currently in use is known as Mac OS X, successor of Mac OS, which is a line of graphical user interface-based operating systems.

Now that you have been introduced to the two operating systems, let us look at the differences between them.

Difference between Windows and Macintosh

The Windows operating system is based on the DOS programing language while Mac is based on Unix.

Windows is universally used while Macintosh is used only on Apple’s hardware. As Windows is used by a majority of computer users, it is more vulnerable to being hacked. Macintosh is considered as a more secure operating system.

Windows is criticized for having less number of features as compared to Mac. Moreover, it is less responsive to higher amounts of computing operations. On the contrary, Macintosh boasts of a rich feature set and ease of use.

While Windows focuses on office function, Macintosh is focused on graphics and multimedia functions. Mac is considered suitable for entertainment purposes, whereas Windows is best suited for business use. Mac is popularly used for photo editing and for playing videos..

Similar functions that are executable on both Macintosh and Windows differ in their terminology. For example, the function of the Control key in Windows corresponds to that of the Command key on Macs. The Command prompt on Windows is known as the Terminal on Mac. The Windows control panel corresponds to System Preferences on Mac. Macintosh and Windows differ in file navigation and management, keyboard shortcuts and certain other computer operations. Also, window controls, menu bars and mouse buttons differ in their functionality in both the operating systems.

Thus, we see that Windows and Macintosh are fairly dissimilar operating systems. Each of them comes packaged with a set of advantages and disadvantages and each of them is meant for a distinct section of users.


Due to the larger market share of the PC, it is easier to find a repair center experienced with PC issues when things go awry. However, Mac users show higher customer satisfaction; Macs are more popular among Mac users than PCs among PC users. PCs are more common in home and business use, while Macs are better for graphic design


The price range on Macs starts at a higher point than PCs, meaning that it is easier to find low-budget options for PCs than Macs. For example, the least expensive Dell PC currently available is $279; the least expensive Mac available is $599. The flipside of this is that since Macs are only made by Apple, all Macs are roughly comparable. Whereas a Dell and an IBM are not as easy to compare and contrast.

User Friendliness

Almost all Mac desktops are all-in-one, allowing for a far easier set-up than most PCs. Apple's operating system is generally perceived to be easier to operate than Windows, especially for beginners. However, due to PCs being more common than Macs in homes and business, there are many community programs and organizations that teach the computer illiterate about Windows, whereas this is less common with Macs.

finally,, in my opinion macs are more attractive than pcs

hope the above helps u thanx.....


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differences between mac and windows  Empty thanx ...but

Post  Radwa Abdelhalim on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:20 am

thank you for your explaining but i like windows more than mac becuase mac is restricted or closed cycle system with no favourable options in communicating with other devices like microsoft

Radwa Abdelhalim

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differences between mac and windows  Empty advantages and disadvantages

Post  SOMAIA ELMASRY on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:51 am

thank u 4 ur reply ,, i think that there r advantages of mac over windows and the opposite is true (like u said) ,,
so the question ll b what do u want to do with the computer? 2 choose agood one suitable 4 ur needs...


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differences between mac and windows  Empty Re: differences between mac and windows

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